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Last Updated on October 26, 2008



Subic Base 2003: Photos by John Fischer


Below are pictures of Subic Base as it looked in 2000.  The pictures are all extracted from a slide show program.  The file for the program is also below.  Simply download the 1.55MB file and run the program.  It will run a slide show from which you can customize the show and even save the images as wallpaper on your desktop.  

Subic Bay Slide Show

subicbay001.jpg (19315 bytes) subicbay002.jpg (48119 bytes) subicbay003.jpg (63376 bytes) subicbay004.jpg (61374 bytes) subicbay005.jpg (43275 bytes)


subicbay006.jpg (42138 bytes) subicbay007.jpg (65410 bytes) subicbay008.jpg (39534 bytes) subicbay009.jpg (35464 bytes) subicbay010.jpg (39470 bytes)


subicbay011.jpg (73080 bytes) subicbay012.jpg (61971 bytes) subicbay013.jpg (66452 bytes) subicbay014.jpg (56443 bytes) subicbay015.jpg (81121 bytes)


subicbay016.jpg (80326 bytes) subicbay017.jpg (42494 bytes) subicbay018.jpg (43286 bytes) subicbay019.jpg (56121 bytes) subicbay020.jpg (56329 bytes)


subicbay021.jpg (35762 bytes) subicbay022.jpg (51598 bytes) subicbay023.jpg (43907 bytes) subicbay024.jpg (39086 bytes) subicbay025.jpg (69236 bytes)


subicbay026.jpg (30722 bytes)


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